42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (2024)

More and more brides love to choose small andpractical wedding bouquets now, and it’s not hard to understand this trend since small bouquets do have big advantages. First, it can show off your wedding gown. You spent all that time finding a beautiful gown with a flattering silhouette, and now you're going to cover it up with a huge bouquet? Keep it small so that it accentuates your dress without completely monopolizing your look. Second, it can save your budget. Do you really want to spend several hundred dollars on a lavish bouquet? A smaller bouquet of thoughtfully chosen flowers might make more sense for your bottom line. And third, it’s lighter and easier to carry. So if you’re considering having small wedding bouquets, check out these bouquets I’ve rounded up and get inspired.

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How many flowers should be in a small wedding bouquet?

The number of flowers in a small wedding bouquet can vary greatly depending on the type of flowers chosen and the desired final appearance. Typically, a small bouquet—sometimes referred to as a “posy”—might contain anywhere from a single statement flower up to about 10–15 stems.

Here are a few guidelines for different small bouquet types:

  1. Single Stem: A single, large bloom like a rose, peony, or dahlia can make a bold statement.
  2. Minimalist Posy: 3-5 flowers, often of the same variety, complemented by greenery.
  3. Mixed Posy: 7–10 flowers of various types for a more textured and colorful look.
  4. Dense Posy: Up to about 15 smaller flowers, which can provide a lush look without becoming too large.

It’s also common to fill up a small bouquet with foliage, filler flowers like baby’s breath or wax flowers, and herbs or other non-floral elements to provide richness and texture without making the arrangement excessively huge. The secret is to balance and proportion so that the bouquet matches the bride’s height, attire, and the wedding’s general aesthetic.

Pure Elegance in Every Petal Of White Peony

All eyes are on the bride when she enters asummer weddingcarrying this small white bouquet. The delicate lily of the valley seamlessly complements the garden roses, creating an embodiment of grace. Wrapped with a subtle satin ribbon, this bridal bouquet effortlessly elevates the aura of any colorful wedding.

A Bouquet of Whimsical Whites and Greens

A bride’s bouquet held tenderly in her arm, can be heard as it speaks of a love that endures. This unique arrangement blends crisp white roses with greenery, perfect for a bride or bridesmaid to carry down the aisle. The color palette, a harmony of earthy greens and small white blossoms, symbolizes a love as enduring as the timeless plants it features.

A Statement of Minimalist Beauty

This single-stem rose wedding bouquet is a tribute to subtle charm—elegance in simplicity. It’s the ideal posy bouquet for a bridesmaid or bride who values the beauty of a single bloom, with eucalyptus and delicate baby’s breath surrounding it. This bouquet captures the essence of a chic,intimate ceremony, ideal for the couple seeking a serene and stylish celebration

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (6)

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A Classic White Peony Bouquet

The white peonies and fresh greenery in this hand-tied small wedding bouquet complement each other beautifully. With their classic beauty, peonies are a classic choice for a wedding that oozes pure romance and elegant appeal because of their lush texture and alluring fragrance.

Serene Beauty Wedding Flower

The bride is holding a serene wedding flower bouquet made up of pure white peonies nestled inside an olive greenery arrangement. The full blooms of the peonies are a symbol of happiness and success and the arrangement is reminiscent of traditional bridal beauty. It combines classic elements with a touch of boho, making it the ideal accessory for the bride’s lace-decorated gown.

Protea Flower

Protea flower bouquets are often used to symbolize boldness and diversity because of their distinctive bracts surrounding a central, brush-like center. The arrangement is exquisite and perfectly complements the bride’s attire because it combines classic white withblush and pink hues, more delicate flowers and greenery. The bride feels more intimate and connected to her partner when her loved one’s hand rests on her back.

Simple Stem

The bouquet includes florals inshades of purpleand white with varying textures, such as spherical clusters of lilac or lavender, which are renowned for their pleasant scent, combined with white blossoms that may be roses or other related flowers. A natural and romantic appearance is created by placing all of these among lush greenery together with the bride’s lace wedding attire.

Whimsical Woodland Elegance

The white flowers and lush greenery of this wedding or bridesmaid bouquet pop against the neutral backdrop and earthy terracotta floor.

Minimalist Chic With Ivory Charm

Elegant and understated, this bouquet is perfect for your big day. This petite bouquet shows exquisite ivory blooms, enveloped by lush greenery, creating a style that speaks of eternal love. It’s a timeless option that will look stunning in photos and is ideal for the bride who values simplicity over flash.

Lavender Whispers

This small bouquet, with its blend of gentle roses and wild lavender is sure to evoke the rustic beauty and romance of the countryside. The soft purple tones and fresh fragrance are perfect for a whimsical outdoor wedding. This small weddingbouquet is a beautiful tribute to the pristine simplicity of love as you walk down the aisle.

Blush Elegance

Rich greenery beautifully accents this arrangement of cheery pink roses and delicate white blossoms to create a setting of timeless charm. The classic arrangement speaks of timeless romanticism with a dash of modern simplicity. This sophisticated bouquet is perfect for the bride who wants a pop of color without overwhelming the event.

Verdant Greenery

It’s a fresh take on wedding florals, offering a bouquet brimming with vitality and life. This small bouquet for weddings combines the elegance of white flowers with the untamed allure of greenery, making it ideal for the woman who wants to add a touch of the natural world to her big day.

Sleek Simplicity

The pink astilbe in the center of this arrangement is emblematic of the elegance that may be found in a spare design. Every individual plume adds to the overall effect, creating a cloud of color that floats along with the bride. Perfect for the minimalist bride, this bouquet is a subtle nod to the natural elegance of uncomplicated design—a gentle whisper of romance and sophistication.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (16)

Classic Whites and Soft Pinks

This petite bouquet of white roses and soft pink blossoms is the perfect addition to your big day. The fresh greenery adds a natural grace, perfect for brides seeking a bouquet that’s both traditional and effortlessly chic. This bouquet doesn’t just complement your wedding attire; it enhances the entire celebration of love.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (17)

Small Bouquet with Succulents

The arrangement shows how a succulent may be used as a classy focal point, balanced out with dainty roses and hydrangeas to create a pleasing contrast without going overboard with size. This understated method highlights simplicity and pure beauty by combining classic floral motifs with a contemporary, sculpted succulent.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (18)

A Palette of Petals

This bouquet is a romantic symphony of blush pinks, warm peaches and soft creams, captured in the delicate embrace of roses and complementing florals. Each bloom contributes to the chorus of colors, with subtle hints of green from the leaves peeking through. The berry-like accents are a fun pop of color, and the baby’s breath gives a dreamy softness to the whole composition.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (19)

Magenta Rose

The bouquet features a striking pair of magenta garden roses nestled amongst delicate sprigs of seeded eucalyptus and clusters of stock flowers, creating a balanced mix of bold color and subtle greenery.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (20)

Rustic and Refined

Carry a small bouquet on your wedding day that blends rustic charm and refined elegance. Raw natural beauty is reflected in the soft color scheme of whites, creams and greens. Ideal for couples who yearn for a bouquet that resonates with the tranquility of a country garden, this arrangement is a true testament to love that grows wild and free.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (21)

Elegance in Bloom

The bride who values classic elegance with a touch of modern flair will love this bouquet’s harmonious blend of soft blush and pure white roses, enhanced with delicate baby’s breath and wispy touches of greenery. A beautiful option for the bride to say “I do” in style and grace.

Simple wedding bouquet With Roses

Perfect for a flower girl or junior bridesmaid to carry down the aisle, this small bouquet perfectly captures the essence of innocence and elegance with its harmonizing balance of blush roses and delicate white blossoms.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (23)

A Bridal Bouquet with Vertical Charm

A bride’s delicate grasp highlights the beauty of a unique bouquet starring a prominent protea, surrounded by a soft ensemble of greenery, adding a vertical dimension and a touch of wild elegance to her wedding attire.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (24)

Earth-Toned Blossoms

A small weddingbouquet of ivory and earth-toned flowers makes a stunning statement next to the intricate lace and beadwork of the wedding dress.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (25)

Pink Peonies and Whispers of White

Pink peonies, white flowers, and foliage create a harmonious bouquet fit for a bride. This timeless option perfectly captures the innocence and happiness of your big day. This bouquet will serve as more than a decorative accent at your wedding; it will become a treasured memento of your everlasting love.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (26)

A Dahlia Dream

A lovely burgundy and blush bouquet with scabiosa, lisianthus, geranium, daisies, strawflower, eucalyptus, and accent flowers. This bouquet embodies the spirit of a fairy tale nuptial by fusing the magic of nature with the grace of lace and the warmth of love. If the bride wants her wedding day to be magical and full of beautiful moments, this is the appropriate accessory for her.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (27)

Delicate Pink Bridesmaid Bouquet

This bridesmaid bouquet of rosy astilbe is as ethereal as a dream and it belongs in the hands of a princess. The light grace with which its feathery plumes flutter makes it an appropriate accessory for a day filled with romance.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (28)

White Cosmos Bouquets

A bouquet of white cosmos, with each petal whispering simplicity and purity, embodies the elegance of minimalism. This bouquet is ideal for ladies who want a classic, elegant look for their wedding day, as it depicts the peaceful serenity of nature. Its crisp, clean appearance not only complements any wedding theme but also symbolizes the fresh start of a new life together.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (29)

Dried Floral Bouquet with Protea Highlights

This bouquet captivates with its blend of rustic charm and contemporary style, featuring dried botanicals that offer a textured backdrop to the striking king proteas. By using dried flowers, the bouquet expresses the bride’s appreciation for the timeless beauty of nature.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (30)

Lily of the Valley

The subtle allure of a Lily of the Valley bouquet provides brides with a classy and pleasant option that echoes the subdued elegance ofsmall weddings. Its softness symbolizes the sweet, unsaid vows made by lovers as they travel together.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (31)

Blushing Beauty

A cascade of pink hues, this bouquet weaves together the romance of roses, the grace of dahlia and the whimsy of wildflowers. This small bouquet of flowers tells a story of love and happiness, making it ideal for a bride who is still basking in the initial flush of romance.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (32)

Wildflower Whimsy

This small wildflower wedding bouquet, which combines purple and green hues, creates a connection between elegance and the wild grace of nature. The bride’s choice of this bouquet suggests a love for the natural world, a desire for organic beauty, and a preference for the charmingly imperfect over the meticulously curated.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (33)

Classic White Peonies

A tiny bouquet of luscious white peonies, complimented by exquisite greenery, captures the sense of elegance on your wedding day. Because of the joy they represent in marriage, these airy flowers are ideal for brides who want a blend of classic romance and contemporary minimalism. With its simple beauty and timeless appeal, this small bouquet is the perfect accessory for a springwedding.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (34)

Vintage Small Bouquets

This bouquet is a quaint blend of dried florals with the textures of billy balls, thistle, ammobium and sinuata statice, complemented by lavender, creating a vintage-inspired, natural aesthetic.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (35)

Small Bouquet With Pink, Red and Yellow

A vibrant bridal bouquet bursts with life, its vivid blooms of yellow, pink, and red dancing among green foliage. Delicate white accents soften the arrangement, while whimsical ribbons add a playful touch, complementing the bride’s sparkling attire.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (36)

Protea Bouquet

This bridal bouquet highlights the open petals and gentle pink tones of king proteas, a symbol of royalty. The simplicity of the arrangement is its true charm, offering a statement of natural elegance without overwhelming the bride’s presence. Delicate green leaves and flowing white ribbons complement the blooms, creating an aura of grace and understated sophistication.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (37)

Small Boho Wedding Bouquet

Embracing theboho weddingstyle, this small bouquet combines astilbe, thistle and lisianthus to create a light, delicate vibe, that pairs beautifully with the exquisite lace of a bridal gown.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (38)

Vibrant Tradition

Put yourself in the spotlight with a bouquet of Lily of the Valley, a flower that carries the timeless message of spring and joy. These little bell-shaped flowers are perfect for the culturally diverse bride, as they are said to bring luck in love. When held aloft by a bride dressed traditionally, this bouquet exudes an air of romance and signifies the beginning of a new life together.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (39)

Single Stem

This one-stem bouquet is a perfect representation of the minimalist bride’s philosophy of ‘less is more.’ The soft petals and rich greenery convey a quiet elegance that is ideal for a small celebration.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (40)

Whimsical Chamomile Bouquet For the Romantic Bride

This bouquet is a lovely, delicate gathering of chamomile flowers, renowned for their sweet fragrance and charming appearance. The simple beauty of the small white petals with bright yellow centers indeed makes a statement on their own. Adding a touch of eucalyptus would introduce a refreshing green contrast and add to the garden-fresh feel of the arrangement. The bridal gown, with its intricate lace detailing, further complements the romantic and natural aesthetic of the bouquet.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (41)

Ivory and Blush Blooms

The soft hues of ivory and blush against the vibrant greens of this bouquet create a heavenly scene as classic as your love. It has the appeal of an eternal spring and would be a wonderful wedding bouquet idea for a bride who enjoys a moment straight out of a fairytale.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (42)

Small Baby’s Breath Bouquet

This small baby breath bouquet for a wedding, tied with a bright golden ribbon, adds a traditional touch to a lovely lace-adorned wedding gown.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (43)

Sunny Serenade

A cheerful blend of soft peaches, delicate pinks, and sunny yellows, this adorably miniature bouquet is the perfect way to brighten up your special day. For small, intimate weddings and glowing brides, nothing says “I do” quite like springtime blooms.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (44)

Colorful Wildflowers

The bouquet is a vibrant mix of wildflowers, featuring bold dahlias, quirky billy buttons, delicate daisies, and fragrant lavender, accented with cascading ribbons that enhance its wild meadow theme.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (45)

Common FAQs

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (46)

Can a bride have a small bouquet?

Absolutely, a bride has the option to select a smaller bouquet. Brides who prefer the simple elegance of fewer flowers or who are planning an intimate or destination wedding may also find that small bouquets are the best option. They can be just as lovely and important as larger bouquets and are a personal choice that can bring a distinctive touch to the event.

What is a small wedding bouquet called?

Small wedding bouquets are known as “posy bouquets,” and they’re a traditional option for brides who want minimalism, simplicity, or wanting their dress or other accessories to take center stage. Since it’s a smaller bouquet, it’s ideal for petitebrides, bridesmaids, and flower girls.

How do I choose a wedding bouquet size?

The perfect size for a bouquet carried this way is just an inch or two above the hips. A petite bouquet will only draw attention to your hips. That’s something to keep in mind as you discuss bouquet sizes with the florist.


Depending on your own taste, aesthetic and color scheme, a small wedding bouquet may have the same flowers, foliage and grasses as a large one. Peonies, garden roses, baby’s breath, anemones and the lily of the valley are some of the most endearing flowers. You may also use a variety of bouquet wraps and covers, as well as foliage, grasses and greenery to make your arrangement more eye-catching. Wrap the petite bouquet in ribbons to make it look more elegant, and draw inspiration from the pictures of adorable miniature bouquets we’ve posted.

42 Pretty Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day (2024)
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