7 Wedding Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2024 (2024)


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7 Wedding Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2024 (1)

By Abby Hepworth

Published Feb 12, 2024

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Weddings are centered around the unwavering love of a couple, the unity of families and the relief that months of stress, logistical coordination and clashes with future in-laws are coming to an end. From the moment one of you says yes, you’re sucked into the wedding industrial complex with the supernatural force of thatDysonyou’re eyeing for your registry. But there are a few bright spots in the planning process that remind us that this is actually supposed to be fun. (You’re hosting a party, after all!) Enter these modern yet meaningful wedding trends that will make the day feel like yours, from disco decor to Champagne towers in place of cakes. We promise no one has to toss a garter.

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1. Disco Balls and Groovy Nuptials

According to Pinterest, searches for “groovy wedding” and “70s bride” are up 170 percent and 50 percent respectively. Disco balls specifically seem to be popping up on just about every dance floor, but also as decor on tables, as props in photobooths and even on invitations. Lean even further into those ‘70s vibes with neon signs, a sequined jumpsuit for the reception, a jukebox at the after party and lots of Bee Gees on your playlist.

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2. No Bridal Party

While mixed-gender bridal parties have been trending for a few years now, more and more couples appear to be skipping out on bridal parties altogether. The benefit is that all the attention can be focused entirely on the couple, and that friends, siblings and other potential bridesmaids/groomsmen can just sit back and relax like any other guest in attendance. Another option is to have your bridal party take seats in the first or second rows after walking down the aisle.

3. Colorblocked Invitations in Interesting Shapes

Be prepared to see lots of bold, graphic invitations in bright color combinations, and cut to create interesting shapes when layered, hitting your mailbox in 2024. They can be curved into arches, cut into half-circles or even trimmed with wavy edges. As for colors, pretty pastels lend a more traditional vibe, while brighter hues can help play up a retro theme or even give a nod to the venue.

4. Western Gothic

We definitely have Kourtney Kardashian to thank for kicking off this darkly romantic trend. But while the 2022 bride’s Italian nuptials definitely had more of a gothic Catholic vibe to it (the entire family was dressed by Dolce & Gabbana, after all), the 2024 version puts more of a western twist on things. Think draped lace, corsetry and wide-brim hats for the bride, and darkly-hued taper candles and moody, twisting florals for decor, with a whole lot of black, purple and red thrown in for good measure.

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5. Champagne Towers

Not everyone is a cake person, and with dessert alternatives growing in popularity, so too are moments designed to replace a traditional cake cutting. One of the most popular options? Pouring a bottle (or two) or bubbly over a Champagne tower. A word to the wise: Be sure to confer with your vendors and events team so your festive Gatsby moment doesn’t wind up a pile of shattered glass and a puddle of wasted prosecco.

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6. Themed Weddings and Guest Color Palettes

Funky dress codes are on the rise, ranging from simple black-and-white themes to over-the-top “space disco cowboy.” Not only are couples dressing in groovy or western gothic apparel, but they’re also asking guests to follow suit. It can be a fun way to further express your identity as a couple (a cowboy theme to match the rodeo bar where you met) or even play up the vibes of your venue (a ‘20s-era mansion with a ‘20s flapper theme).

7. Bow Stacking

From cakes and table settings to hair-dos and dress details, bows are having a major moment in 2024. They’re particularly fun as décor, knotted over candle sticks, draped over chairs or tied around the stems of Champagne flutes. And you can adapt the trend to work for your personality and style;opt for neat, structured bows if you’re more traditional or looping, colorful ones if you’re more of a boho bride.


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7 Wedding Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2024 (10)

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7 Wedding Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2024 (2024)
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