Elegant Gold Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Love | Kennedy Blue (2024)

Kennedy Blue Satin Gold Bridesmaid Dresses: Rory, Daphne, Quin, & Marnie

Gold is the perfect balance between neutral and bold for your bridesmaid dresses! It's a timeless classic - so your wedding memories will always look elegant. The gold satin fabric looks great on a wide range of skin tones so all of your bridesmaids will be grateful for your choice. It's the perfect shade if you want to haveyellow bridesmaid dresseswithout the bright colors!

Looking for a gold bridesmaid dress? We chose some of our favorite options from our collections for you to explore! Our elegant shade of gold is available on all of our satin and sequin dresses. These dresses come in a variety of shapes, necklines, and sizes to suit every bridesmaid’s body and style. Below are 14 of our favorite and most popular gold satin and gold sequin bridesmaid dresses!

1) Gold Satin Bridesmaid Dress with Halter Neck

Rory Gold Bridesmaid Dress

Rory is a beautiful halter neck dress made from an affordable high quality satin. Kennedy Blues' new satin is lightweight and not overly shiny making it more luxurious. This dress is a fitted style for the bridesmaid who wants to hug her curves. This dress is sleek, classic elegance. Love Rory? Check out Rory's sister dress “Rowen” for a midi length version of this gorgeous gown

2) Gold Sequin Top Bridesmaid Dress with Cap Sleeves

London Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dress | Natalie McIntire Photography

This gorgeous sequin bodice dress features a flowing chiffon skirt with a slit to allow for easy movement. London is a gorgeous sequin and chiffon bridesmaid dress that features a high bateau neckline. The a-line silhouette works for many figures and the low back can be accented with a detachable cowl piece.

3) Gold Bridesmaid Dress in Satin with Slit

Daphne Gold Satin Bridesmaid Dress

Daphne is an elegant yet affordable satin bridesmaid dress. Our satin material is lightweight, not too shiny, and high quality. We love the combination of high neckline and a-line skirt. The back features a tie detail and an open scoop style. The leg slit adds an extra touch of classy sexiness.

4) V Neck Gold Bridesmaid Dress in Satin with Slit

Dottie Gold Satin Bridesmaid Dress

Dottie is flirty, sassy, and flattering. This bridesmaid dress f​​eatures a plunging v-neckline, open v-back, defined ruched waistline, and an a-line skirt with a subtle slit. Our high-quality yet affordable satin fabric makes this dress exceptionally elegant and classy. The wide band on the waist makes this dress flattering on any body type!

5) Long Sleeve Gold Bridesmaid Dress

Tilda Satin Gold Bridesmaid Dress

Featuring stunning long sleeves, a covered back, and a v neckline, Tilda is the perfect modern dress for bridesmaids who want long sleeves! The pleated skirt features a high slit that adds a flirty touch. This affordable high quality satin fabric is lightweight enough for summer and spring weddings but full-coverage enough to keep bridesmaids warm during fall and winter weddings!

6) Sequin Bodice Gold Bridesmaid Dress

Noah Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dress

Noah features a sequin bodice, a sweetheart neckline, and wide straps. This flirty and chic bridesmaid dress has an airy flat chiffon a-line skirt with a leg slit. This versatile dress flatters a variety of figures. We love the combination of sparkly sequins on the bodice and comfortable and flowy flat chiffon on the skirt!

7) Cowl Neck Gold Satin Bridesmaid Dress

Quin Gold Satin Bridesmaid Dress

Quin features adjustable straps to cater to your body, provide comfort and the perfect adjustability for your needs. This gorgeous fitted bridesmaid dress is made from our affordable and high quality satin fabric. Satin bridesmaid dresses are timeless and glamorous! For a midi length option, you can also check out “Kai” Quin's sister dress.

8) Simple and Classic Satin Gold Bridesmaid Dress

Tiffany Gold Satin Bridesmaid Dress

This fitted high quality satin bridesmaids dress is classic and elegant. Tiffany features a subtle v-neckline, a peek-a-boo slit, and flattering ruching detail along the bodice and skirt. We love that this dress also has adjustable straps to cater to your body, provide comfort, and customize the length for your needs! For a midi length option, check out Tiffanys sister dress “Taye.”

9) Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dress With Halter Neck

Maya Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dress

Maya features a shimmering sequin halter neckline with a flowing flat chiffon A-line skirt. This dress also has a unique twisted strap back for an eye-catching walk down the aisle. The boning in the bodice adds extra support, structure and keeps the dress' shape. The slit in the skirt is the perfect added touch!

10) High Neck Satin Gold Bridesmaid Dress

Marnie Gold Satin Bridesmaid Dress

Marnie is a sleek, high neck bridesmaid dress. This dress features an a-line skirt and high slit for an elegant look. The adjustable straps and crisscross open back make it comfortable and customizable to any body. This dress is figure flattering yet features a modest neckline.

11) Head-to-Toe Sequin Gold Bridesmaid Dress

Alyssa Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dress

This sparkly bridesmaid dress is fully covered in beautiful gold sequins. Alyssa is flattering on a variety of figures and features adjustable spaghetti straps for customizable length and support. The front of this dress has a modest high square neckline and the back has a stunning low back with a detachable cowl feature.

12) Plunging Neckline Satin Bridesmaid Dress

Emery Satin Gold Bridesmaid Dress

Emery is the perfect satin bridesmaid dress for bridesmaids who want to show off their curves! This modern design bridesmaid dress is sleek, sexy and elegant. The high quality satin fabric has just the right amount of shine. The dress features a plunging v-neckline, open v-back, defined waistline, fitted skirt, and crisscross back.

13) Full Length Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dress

Sasha Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dress

Sasha is one of our favorite fully head-to-toe sequin bridesmaid dresses! Adjustable spaghetti straps make this bridesmaids dress easy to wear and customizable for any body type. The bodice of this dress is similar to a loose-fitted blouse with a cinched waist to flatter any body type!

14) Criss-Cross Neck Satin Gold Bridesmaid Dress

Zara Satin Gold Bridesmaid Dress

Zara is a high quality satin gown that features intricate detailing. The front has a crisscross high neckline. The back features a unique buttoned keyhole opening. The bodice is loose and flowy while the skirt is fitted and elegant. We love the way this elegant dress looks in our satin gold fabric!

Gold Ties & Gold Bow Ties for the Groomsmen

Make sure your entire bridal party has a coordinated look with matte satin gold groomsmen ties! These ties are created to match our gold satin bridesmaid dresses perfectly. Once all your bridesmaid dresses have been chosen, decide whether you’d like the groomsmen to match them with bow ties or classic neckties.

1) Coordinating Gold Groomsman Bow Ties

Matte Satin Gold Groomsman Bow Ties

Our satin gold bow ties are a fun vintage look for the groomsmen at your wedding! These matte satin bow ties match our satin and sequin bridesmaid dresses for a cohesive bridal party look. They come pre-tied and are adjustable to fit a wide range of groomsmen’s necks. We love the timeless look of these bow ties!

2) Gold Coordinating Groomsman Ties

Matte Satin Gold Groomsman Ties

Our Kennedy Blue solid matte satin ties are the perfect addition to your bridal party look! These neckties are a classic look for the groomsmen to wear on your wedding day. These matte satin ties coordinate perfectly with our satin Kennedy Blue bridesmaids dresses. We love the way this fabric adds sheen and class to groom and groomsmen’s coordinated suits!

Gold Wedding Decorations and Wedding Inspiration

You’ll need more than just gold bridesmaid dresses and ties to pull your gold wedding scheme together! Grab some cute getting ready outfits for your bridal party, pops of gold decor, and even gold wedding favors too. Gold is a beautiful color to incorporate into all parts of your decor. We collected some gold wedding additions for you to get inspired by!

*This post may contain affiliate links. While we can receive commission through affiliate links, opinions are entirely our own.*

1) Gold Custom Wedding Cake Topper

Elegant Gold Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Love | Kennedy Blue (19)

Gold Custom Wedding Cake Topper

This delicate gold cake topper is the perfect touch to your wedding cake and decor. It’s custom made with your last name from hand painted wood. The elegant french script will elevate and complement any cake. This pop of gold will look great with your gold wedding color scheme and decor!

2) Gold Bridesmaid Robes

Elegant Gold Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Love | Kennedy Blue (20)

Gold Bridesmaid Robes

Personalized satin robes are perfect gifts for your maid of honor, bridesmaids, mother of bride, and more! These robes are available in adult & kids sizes, so you can even get one for your flower girl and junior bridesmaids. Personalize them with their names for an added thoughtful touch! Not only are robes convenient for getting ready before the wedding, they also make for some really fun photos!

3) Gold Bridesmaid Pajamas

Elegant Gold Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Love | Kennedy Blue (21)

Gold Bridesmaid Pajamas

Get your bridesmaids matching silky pajamas for before and after your wedding! These PJs are customizable with optional embroidery for a small fee. Each of your bridesmaids can have their name or initials printed on the pocket. They’re even available as shorts or pants to suit the season!

4) Gold Name Coasters for Guest Favors

Elegant Gold Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Love | Kennedy Blue (22)

Gold Name Coasters for Guest Favors

These gorgeous gold-rimmed coasters are a classy wedding guest favor for a gold wedding. Customize each one with your guests names for a personalized gift. Guests will cherish and reuse these beautiful coasters. You can even use them as part of your place settings to help guests find their seat at the wedding reception!

Find Your Perfect Gold Bridesmaid Dresses!

Complete your dream gold wedding color scheme with the perfect dresses and ties for your bridal party! Kennedy Blue has so many gold bridesmaid dresses to choose from. All of our satin and sequin dresses come in our sophisticated gold shade. Let us help you find the ideal bridesmaid dresses to compliment your vision!

Elegant Gold Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Love | Kennedy Blue (2024)
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