The Best Spring Wedding Guest Dresses to Wear in 2024 - Dress for the Wedding (2024)

A great spring wedding guest dress or jumpsuit is the foundation for any fantastic wedding guest outfit for spring weddings. Here we have updated picks for what to wear for the spring wedding season!

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Spring Wedding Guest Dresses

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Dress:HEMANT AND NANDITA Olivia Midi Dress in Sage Green from | Earrings: Casa Clara Rae Drop Earring in Ivory from | Rings: gorjana Amara Ring Set in White CZ & Gold from | Clutch: KAYU Cassia Clutch in Gold from | Heels: Sam Edelman Sunna Sandal in Classic Nude from

If you've been invited to a spring wedding this year, and you're wondering what to wear, we're here to help with this shoppable visual guide of our favorite dresses. If you're looking for spring wedding guest dresses and elegant dresses to wear to your springtime special events, you are in the right place! We have scoured some of our favorite shops and handpicked over 70 dresses for spring weddings to take you through the whole wedding season in style! In addition to all the spring wedding guest outfit ideas we share on this blog, we keep this page full of current spring wedding guest dresses and attire for you to shop from our affiliate retail favorites!

Dresses to Wear To Spring Weddings

These are our latest picks for dresses and styles to wear to a spring wedding for the current season. Each product image below is linked to the retailer where the dress or outfit can be purchased.

It's time to find cute wedding guest dresses to wear for spring weddings! It's one of our favorite times of year to take a look at the new dress styles for spring and summer, and pick some of the prettiest styles for you to wear if you're attending an April, May, or June wedding!

The Best Spring Wedding Guest Dresses to Wear in 2024 - Dress for the Wedding (2)

Image credits and shopping sources: 1. Acler O Sullivan Pleated Maxi Dress from Anthropologie 2. Light Blue Floral Ruffled Gown from Lulus 3. Style Wonderland One Shoulder Dress from Hello Molly 4. Tiered Floral Long Sleeve Maxi Dress from Astr the Label

The Best Spring Wedding Guest Dresses to Wear in 2024 - Dress for the Wedding (3)

Spring is the official start of the wedding season and the best time to start planning out all the outfits for the weddings and events of the season from May to September. If you're a wedding guest wondering what to wear to an upcoming spring wedding, we've created this shop page with some of our favorite dresses for guests of spring weddings. These picks are up to date for this season's spring weddings, and we'll be updating the page of dresses to wear to a summer wedding soon, too! Pastels, bright colors and pretty styles will be appropriate at any wedding. We hope you find the perfect dress to wear to a wedding from this selection!

What Colors Should You Wear to A Spring Wedding?

In general, we think the perfect spring wedding guest dresses reflect the season with pastel colors, pretty floral prints, and weather and occasion-ready styles! Colors like pink, green, pale blue, yellow, mauve, taupe, gray, lavender and coral are perfect colors for the spring wedding season, but any wedding appropriate color ( i.e. not white or cream) is fair game. The rule of lighter fabrics and colors for daytime or afternoon weddings still applies, while heavier, darker formal fabrics are good for spring weddings after 5 pm. If you prefer to shop by color, check out our dresses organized by color!

Where To Shop For Spring Wedding Guest Attire

If you're still searching for just the right dress, we love these stores for cute dresses to wear to a spring wedding:

Nordstrom Revolve Dillards Red Dress Boutique ASOSShopbop

Spring Wedding Guest Attire Ideas

For more tips on what to wear to a wedding, please read these wedding attire guidelines! For ideas on how to style a spring wedding guest dress see our past posts with spring wedding outfit ideas!

If you prefer to shop for your event by season, time of day, or formality, visit these shopping guides:

Dressy Casual – Daytime Wedding Guest Dresses

Semi Formal – Afternoon or Evening Wedding Guest Dresses

Formal Evening or Black Tie – Guest Dresses for Formal Weddings

Winter Weddings

Summer Weddings

Fall Weddings

These graphics and some text appeared in another version of this page. Pictured dresses are all likely now out of stock, but we keep them here for continuity with Pinterest pins.

The Best Spring Wedding Guest Dresses to Wear in 2024 - Dress for the Wedding (4)

Featured dress and Image: Paper Dolls Dress from ASOS

The Best Spring Wedding Guest Dresses to Wear in 2024 - Dress for the Wedding (5)Links in italics and in the shop section are from affiliates and sponsors.

1. Eliza J Pleat Chiffon Dress from Nordstrom2. Badgley Mischka Paradiso Dress from Rent the Runway 3.Round Neck Gown by Halston Heritage from Shopbop 4. Egypt Maxi Dress from Revolve5. Adelyn Rae Ombre Lace Sheath Dress from Nordstrom6. Adelyn Rae Strapless Print Chiffon Maxi Dress 7.Vince Camuto Print Sateen Fit & Flare Dress from Nordstrom8. Colorblock Bow Back Dress by kate spade new york from Rent the Runway

The Best Spring Wedding Guest Dresses to Wear in 2024 - Dress for the Wedding (6)

Source and shoppinglinks are from affiliatedsponsors.Top row: 1. Asos Maxi Dress 2. Coral Lace One-Shoulder Dress from Nordstrom3. Tracy Reese Honey Jacquard Dress from Rent the Runway 4. Winnie Bow Back Metallic Dress by Erin Fetherson

Bottom row: 5. Theia Blue Gradient Dress Rent the Runway6. ASOS Drape BackMaxi Dress in Atlantis Green7. Coast Brice Dress at ASOS8. Floral Dress from ASOS(Alsovisit this page to see our latest Spring Wedding Guest Dress Picks!)

The Best Spring Wedding Guest Dresses to Wear in 2024 - Dress for the Wedding (7)

Dress: Pink Tulip Dress by Christian Siriano from Rent the Runway | Earrings: Echo Ear Jacketsfrom BaubleBar| Necklace: Blooming Bud Necklace by Lele Sadoughi at Rent the Runway| Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent 'Rouge Volupté Shine' Lipstick| Clutch: Franchi Aidan Stud Two-Tone Evening Clutch Bag, Blush/Fuchsia |Bracelet: Full Spectrum Bracelet from J.Crew | Shoes: Topshop 'Ruby' Snake Embossed Ankle Strap Sandal from Nordstrom

The Best Spring Wedding Guest Dresses to Wear in 2024 - Dress for the Wedding (2024)
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